Thursday, December 11, 2014


The month of September started off nicely with a very hot Labor Day. We attended the Greenbelt festivities, mostly because I had entered a few pieces in the art show, which I won 2nd place in the watercolor category! I chickened out with my photo entries, and didn't submit them, but then I saw what the other contenders were and regretted not entering. Next year, I suppose. The parade was fun with lots of candy and swag.

 We also started soccer season! Penny loved it a lot, but didn't quite have her head in the game. She was more interested in the social aspect, and liked to run around with other people.

We quickly learned it was wiser to keep Link home for naps during soccer games.

 Going to church has become increasingly difficult too with Link's nap schedule. If we're lucky, I'll wrestle him to sleep, but most days I prefer to just keep him home to get a good rest in. We're not so lucky like you Utah folks who live a mere two minutes walk from church. We are a one car family that lives 20 minutes from our building. Sigh.

 We have been playing at the new park by our house a lot.

And of course there's the blow up slide I landed for $50 at Aldi, marked down from $250.

 Penny started a new dance class which I like much better than our last. Half the price, and the recital doesn't cost upwards of $100.
 Lots more visits to the Annapolis Mall.

 Penny has been very interested in watching me draw, and learning how to do so herself. I am very pleased with her interest, and we often will do photoshop practice just to instill those skills early on.

 Jeff had to work a few long weekends for a big project, and so we would pop in on the weekends to say hello.

 This was a cute little life cycle of a flower that Penny came up with. All I did was give her post-its to draw on and she did the rest.
 More IKEA pictures. This light-up runway is awesome. If only it weren't $80.
 Sometimes we turn our tents upside down to make a ball bit.
 Then there was that one time that I scored 540 on dice! Can you believe I didn't win??
 Jeff's boss sent us this super deluxe gift basket for having to work late a few weekends. It was so yummy.
 During dance class, Link and I hang out in the library. He starts shrieking with excitement when we even get near the building, he loves it so much. Most likely because his favorite activity is pulling books off shelves, so this is probably like Link heaven.

 Our friend Johnny had a birthday party, and Genevieve had the cutest idea to have the kids draw a city and then build a Lego town to fill it with. The kids were so creative with all their structures and drawings. So clever.

 More mother's room adventures. I usually text Jeff while he's in Sunday School with pictures of Link's ridiculousness.

 Then Mom and Dad came to town! Of course a trip to the Amish market was in order. We ate delicious donuts and grits and every other naughty thing there.

 We took advantage of the parents being in town and went to the most hipster place we've ever been, the Angelika Pop-Up theater. They basically converted a warehouse into a simple theater with about 25 seats per screen, and show indie films. It is in Union Market in DC, so it's a little less than 10 minutes to get over there. So close! We went to see Hector and the Search for Happiness. We thought it was cute and interesting with an overall good message. Plus we both got a giant bag of popcorn and a free drink with our groupon.

 I convinced mom to paint with me, and she did a wonderful job! She bought me this cool little calendar where you do a little watercolor study every day with a sample picture. It's a fun little exercise.
 Here's mom's peacock. Looks great!
 We then went to... Hill Country BBQ, I think. I can't quite remember the name. But it is downtown and Jeff bought a deal for the place to get lots of meat, which my paleo parents can eat. And eat we did. Even Link had his share of the deliciousness.

 We then went for a fun stroll around the monument, and found plenty of photo ops.

The day after mom and dad left we hopped on a plane to the Bahamas. It was a crazy couple of weeks, but a fun diversion from every day life.