Monday, January 12, 2015


And then it was December.
 Penny and Jeff went on a little daddy-daughter date downtown to the Holiday Market. Jeff knows just how to make that little Pen feel so special.

 They even went to the American Art Museum and Portrait Gallery.
 Link looked cute at church.
 We took some Christmas pictures of each of us.

 We tried to hit up every Christmas-type activity in the area since we weren't really going anywhere for the holidays. We went to the festival of lights at Watkins Park, which was really awesome. It was only $5 for the 30 minute drive through, plus we got a stack of free Chick-Fil-A coupons!
  I found a really good deal on the local jumping gym. We've been going there quite a lot lately to pass the time.

 Link was invited to his friend Jackson's birthday party.
 Penny had her final dance class which we were invited to attend. It was adorable and cute, and was free. I'm never paying $150 for a ridiculous dance recital again!

 One day I accidentally didn't close the door to the bathroom after drying and dressing Link, and he followed me back in and dove right in before I could stop him. He is addicted to the tub.
 We were very excited when Santa came a little early to drop off our new piano! It has been used every day since its arrival by all members of the family. Penny is already halfway through her new piano book, and is doing awesome with her lessons.

Best of all, we won't have to hire a crew to move it when we leave and it will never go out of tune.

 Kira did a great job planning the ward Christmas party. We sang Star Bright at the variety show, and Penny said hello to Santa. Link wouldn't even be in the same room with him without going crazy nuts.

 I made lots of treats that seemed to never go away. Hopefully the pounds will.
 Jeff also made lots of yummy things, like these chicken and waffles. This was a yeast-based waffle, and I don't think I can ever go back. It was so melty and crispy at the same time.
 Random children pictures.

 Jeff and I found a moment to steal away for an evening. We went to a yummy tapas restaurant in Georgetown and enjoyed the holiday decor around.

Kira introduced me to this awesome place down the street called Community Forklift. It is a huge warehouse filled with mid century furniture and salvage materials and whatever else you could possibly imagine. It is so cool, I could spend hours there. It is a DIYers dream come true.
 Jeff has been having some fun times too. Here he is striking an epic pose with the wrapping paper.
 And having a N64 competition at work.
 I had a Love Actually ladies night with some friends.
 We found a good deal for the Zoo Lights on LivingSocial.

We went to the Temple Lights and attended about half of the concert until the kids couldn't make it anymore.

The Botanical Gardens downtown also had cool model train displays and lights, and for the first time since we moved here we actually saw the National Christmas tree by the White House.