Friday, March 06, 2015

Five Years Old!

Not-so-little Penny turned 5 this week. What a clever, sweet girl she is growing up to be. She can hardly contain all the love and creativity just bursting from every seam. She is constantly reminding us that "there is nothing you could ever do to stop me loving you!" The same goes for you, Pen.

 Some info about Penny at age 5:

-Her reading skills are taking off. She is very self-motivated when it comes to learning to read, and is very excited about being able to recognize words all around her. She loves learning anything, and burns through all the workbooks I throw at her.

-This girl can and will talk your ear off. About everything. She has no self control when it comes to chatting it up with people. She loves to be listened to, and will talk to anyone willing to hear her out. I often have to bail people out when they get sucked into one of Penny's long-winded conversations.

-I'm so relieved that Pen is finally showing an interest in art. She loves to watch me draw, and often will ask how to draw certain things as she aims for accuracy. I am really trying to stress to her that she mustn't be too worried about making her drawings look perfect and that it takes lots of practice, but she is a little perfectionist when it comes to her art. Wonder where that came from.

-In contrast to her younger self, Penny has very strong opinions about her hair. It is one of my biggest frustrations. As early as I can remember, she would happily let me do whatever I wanted to those blonde locks (I french braided it on her first birthday) but recently she only likes her hair "long" and not pulled back in any way. I plead with her to let me at least put a clip in so I can see her sweet face. But alas. Sometimes we can find a compromise with a low pony tail, and on the rare occasion she'll let me french braid it. I guess I should be happy for the time that I did have complete control over her hair. Sigh.

-Similar to the hair, she is also very particular about her fashions. Fortunately I approve of her choices most of the time, but she does pick out some doozies. I had to invest in a lot more dresses, as that is her article of choice.

-Penny and Link are best buddies. I thought the age difference was going to be very apparent and cumbersome, but they don't seem to mind at all. Link mimics everything his big sisters does, and she loves teaching him new things. Plus it is a lot easier to reason with a 5 year old when her 1 year old brother isn't sharing well.
-When it comes to helping mom, Pen is the BEST! She regularly helps clean the kitchen, and it is genuinely helpful. She empties the dishwasher, and mops after I sweep. Without even being asked, she will regularly wipe down walls, cabinets, surfaces, and doors just for fun. This makes everyone happy :)

-Just a few of Penny's favorite things to do: go to Chick-Fil-A and Pump-It-Up, play games on the computer or draw on photoshop, tell you about her crazy, super detailed dreams, watch movies with mom and dad, play pretend, make dinner or bread with the grown-ups, model for photo shoots (seriously, she asks to do them), anything outdoors, pick out books at the library.

Favorite foods: "I love all the food in the world!" But really, she likes grits and eggs, every kind of cheese, olives, avacados, and pizza sans pepperoni.

Favorite book: "Ones with flaps in them." We're reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone right now. Hopefully she takes to that one :)

Favorite Movie: "All of them." In reality, Pen has a very refined taste in movies. She actually knows the difference between Disney and Pixar films, and its been fun to hear her opinions and perceptions of films as she now starts to understand what is being portrayed. She also can name almost any song from the soundtrack of any Disney movie. We would play a game in the car where we'd just put spotify on shuffle on our Disney playlist, and her accuracy with guessing them correctly was very impressive.

Favorite toy: She loves her stuffed animals, and likes to pretend they are real. She builds houses for them out of boxes and begs to bring them everywhere we go. We've had several casualties from losing them while we're out, so we keep them safe at home most of the time.

Favorite trip: "The Bahamas and Florida." Me too, Pen. She loves to travel and see new things, which is heavily influenced by her father, I'm sure. I'm sure she'll travel the world someday!

Our little Penny is such a bright, happy influence in our lives. We are so pleased with her every day, and are grateful for the joy she brings to our family every day.

And here's my annual short film of the past year of Penny's life. This year I am excited to feature the beautiful song "Lucky Penny" written by her Aunt Cortnie. It makes me cry every time I hear it.

And here's here 5 year photo shoot:


Drew said...

Such a wonderful update! I feel like I'm keeping up even though I haven't seen her for a while. And a great photo shoot too. Those eyes!!!

Nicole and Garrett said...

Well her long hair is very pretty. She is going to have such awesome Photoshop skills! Lucky girl!